10 datos que debes conocer sobre Windows XP

30 06 2008

Hoy en AppScout publican 10 datos acerca de Windows XP que vale la pena conocer y cito:

“1. Microsoft isn’t “pulling” anything. Windows XP could still be available on retail shelves (real and online) if inventories exists. Search Gateway for Windows XP and you can find Win XP SP2 for $299 (you’d then download the SP3 update). “
“2. Microsoft will supply patches (mostly for security) until 2014 and offer per-call support (once you’re past your two-free-call limit–and not counting unlimited installation support) for $59 a call, also until 2014. “
“3. Virtually all versions of Windows XP are covered by Extended Support “
“4. Some low-cost PCs and laptops can still ship with Windows XP until perhaps as late as 2010. “
“5. A fair amount of Windows 95 and 98 software didn’t work with Windows XP. “
“6. Windows XP didn’t support a fair amount of Windows-compatible hardware. “
“7. Vista is more secure than XP. “
“8. Windows Vista is actually a good operating system and handles photos and video better than XP. “
“9. Windows XP has experienced more blue screens than Vista will ever see. “
“10. You can stick with Windows XP indefinitely, but new hardware may no longer support it.”

Puede que no estés de acuerdo con algunos de estos puntos, pero mi experiencia hasta ahora ha sido positiva, especialmente en el 7, 8 y 9.

Fuente:  AppScout